Teacher Benefits

Teachers and afterschool program leaders find that Camp Internet offers two levels of direct benefits:

  • A supportive professional development learning environment for the teachers that allows for technology and curriculum implementation skill growths and personal enrichment experiences

  • An empowering teaching environment that brings the real world into the classroom and the classroom out in to the real world for exciting, ‘Full Circle’ learning activities.

In working with youth, Camp Internet offers teachers a safe-harbor for student online learning activities. All of the resources have been developed by Camp staff and multi-agency partners, represent innovative content and delivery methodologies, and empower teachers to help their students discover academically rewarding uses for online technology. The program is adaptable to any learning setting, no matter how many hours of computer time you have available with students each month. Learning activities are self-guided, offer differing levels of challenge, and allow students to develop projects or complete assignments that become measurable outcomes.

It is very rewarding for teachers to become the ‘Outpost Leaders’, as we call our on site leaders, and step into the role of becoming the technology facilitator for students already hungry to explore online communication. And this program is an excellent way for your school administrators to see a real return on their technology investments.

Teachers are invited to participate in the program at whatever level meets their needs.

Teachers are welcome to:

  • Join in online professional development workshops and topic-specific learning circles in our chat room to dialogue with Camp Directors and special guests for professional enrichment.

  • Where feasible, teachers can also attend live face-to-face workshops with Camp Internet trainers.

  • Develop an implementation plan that sees them taking students online for studies every day, once a week, or once a month as meets their available time and curriculum enhancement needs.

  • Deliver an academically challenging and intellectually stimulating online learning program right in their classroom or at the computer lab

  • Launch hands-on complimentary learning projects in the classroom, school yard, or local community. These may include science or history fact-finding missions using a GPS, digital camera, or video camera. Or using a scanner to develop a gallery of student work.

  • Publish the results of the students’ online and hands-on learning activities, making the Full Circle learning experience complete.

  • Invite Families into the Classroom or Computer lab to give the students a chance to proudly share their accomplishments with their parents, grandparents and siblings. These Family Nights are a popular optional feature, and bring the generations together around the technology – and relatives in remote locations can even participate online.

How to Learn More

If you would like to see the Camp Internet program first hand, or have any questions, please Email us for next on the upcoming live behind-the-scenes tours that provide you with login access to all of Camp Internet for a special event.

News on these events is also available online on our Live Tour Page. Once you are ready to consider enrolling, you can Request a Proposal that details costs to participate and services / products you will receive. The actual enrollment Applications are available online for individual teachers or school / district / afterschool center / library groups.

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