"Camp Internet offers a new and exciting way for students to learn the core curriculum while integrating technology into their daily learning activities"
Brian Bartlett, Elementary School Teacher, Yucaipa-Calimesa

"My enthusiasm for Camp Internet stems from a long association with instructional design. Camp Internet is an example of the application of literacy skills, that encompasses all of the disciplines, making teachers' and students' work public. Students approach the weekly chats and lessons, the informative links, and the Campwide Family Nights with enthusiasm. Once they understand the process, they are self-directed, giving the teacher the opportunity to monitor progress and encourage results.
Carmela Gomes, Los Angeles Unified Teacher

"… all Joseph talked about when he got home were the projects he did with Camp Internet." Parent of one of my 4th graders. Camp Internet helps me make a difference with my students. The activities provide the best way to use technology - from the online chats with experts to access to safe web sites. Camp Internet not only provides the fourth grade teacher an easy way of supplementing the history/social science curriculum, but also gives the student a fun way of learning. Uncovering the answers in the "digs" excites all my students. It is so gratifying to see the joy on my students' faces.
Janet Gallatin, Desert Sands School District

Camp Internet is a wonderful tool for the thematic teacher. Through this innovative technology I have been able to teach the past history, the present situations, and the future concerns of California as a fourth grade teacher. My students have enjoyed being challenged and have benefited from this on-line experience as they entered chat rooms with scientists, participated in digs, and researched the Camp site for answers to their lessons. I highly recommend Camp Internet for all upper grade students!
Jennifer Conley, teacher, San Bernardino City Unified School District

"We selected our 'toughest' period to test the Camp Internet curriculum on…these are kids that have been designated by our site as 'at risk'…We have found that camp curriculum has engaged them, and the behavioral problems this group has a reputation for are almost non-existent…It is like the difference between night and day with this group…when comparing their behavior before and after, we started with the Camp Internet curriculum…"
Ken Decroo, Middle School Teacher, Fontana

Camp Internet training with the Channel Islands group has helped to spark my students "fire within" of curiosity about nature, science, math, and literature - and - rekindle them in me
Janice Lukenstein, Los Angeles Unified Teachers

"I just want to tell you how exciting the first expedition has been for my students and myself. There is no way I can describe to you how enthusiastic the kids have been about every part of Camp Internet. I must tell you that I have never seen my students so excited and anxious to read and answer questions, do research, communicate and THINK! Though some of my students do not know English and read at primary levels, they have been engaged in the study, are motivated to learn and are working with others to participate in the expedition challenges. I was told today that the board member who attended last night has made some very positive remarks about the program and about the attendance of the Hispanic parents."
Joan Ward, Maple Elementary School

"The children absolutely love Camp Internet's digs and chats and have improved their reading comprehension as a result of using them."
Helge Ziazie, Los Angeles Unified Teacher

"My class sure got excited about the chat today. I had a hard time getting them focused on anything else. (They know what a rich curriculum is.) I'm surprised how few have been on the Internet before. I had a parent helper sitting with them on the one computer in our classroom and it was a moving experience seeing her and a group of four (at a time) being totally immersed in the chat."
Janice Ross, Lake Arrowhead School

"The Camp Internet project has been a perfect fit for my instructional program. My students are identified at-risk in reading/language arts and one of their greatest needs is learning to read for information in the content areas of science and history. The wealth of information provided on the Camp Internet web-site is invaluable for addressing that need. The activities are geared to a variety of student ages and levels so there is always some project available that is motivational as well as educational for my students."
Judy Dennington, San Bernardino School District

"As a teacher of gifted seveth-grade students, I use Camp Internet to meet California and national content standards. The Camp's "Internet Digs" are especially powerful learning tools because they enable my students to collaborate with peers and experts to investigate curriculum based problems and issues"
Pat Rynerson, Middle School Teacher, Fontana

"Camp Internet is an on-line interactive learning environment serving students, teachers and parents. Student online learning activities are designed to allow students to access information using new media tools and to then turn that information into knowledge by participating in challenging interactive learning, Students learn to share their new knowledge by creating GIS Maps, Field Reports and Internet Digs. Camp Internet bridges the virtual divide with face-to-face learning experiences in the field. The field trips to the Huntington Library, Santa Barbara Low Tides Walk, Descanso Gardens, and the Santa Monica Mountains watershed study area, combined with live demonstrations and hands on technology activities, help to develop a community of educators learning to use the internet as a teaching resource.

Parents are also included in the learning environment with on-line and classroom Family Nights when the whole family is invited to see students in action. Family Nights on-line provide multi-generational computer-based activities and family field trips to local or distant sites involve families in exploring science and history together and then sharing those experiences on-line in a family chat room."
Vernita Mason, Los Angeles Unified Teacher, Middle School

"I'm excited about incorporating Camp Internet into my curriculum by having the students involved in observing local weather conditions, charting and gathering data of interesting things around campus and the community with the GPS, and a whole lot more!" Dave Ceasar, Los Angeles Unified Teacher,

"This is my second year participating in Camp Internet with my fifth grade class at Roosevelt Elementary School in San Bernardino City Unified. It is an excellent, cutting edge program for understanding and using technology effectively in a classroom for both the teacher and the students participating.

My students typically spend about an hour a week online working on the camp digs, scavenger hunt type web quests. We also join live, online chats with experts whenever possible. Some students have logged on at home. I have hosted a 5:00 program for parents and students not on line at home to come in and participate.

The Camp has encouraged writing contests and reading contests that we have participated in as well. My Camp Internet training has included much beyond basic computer skills. I have learned about developing a web site, posting online chat room entries, reports, and pictures. This year we were also given a GPS unit that I have shared with my students and many others at science camp and on field trips.

Artifacts and supplies for teacher and student learning are all included. The Camp Internet program is highly motivating bringing students great success. I highly recommend it." Pamela Shetler, San Bernardino Schools