Discover the Channel Islands

Camp Internet hosts a multi-subject online learning expedition called Explore the California Channel Islands that integrates teacher technology training with in-class, standards-based learning activities for students grades 4-12. Every week new study units are featured and live interactive learning activities are offered. Students and teachers learn to use technology-based resources as an integrated part of their classroom learning and are encouraged to develop hands-on projects: GPS, GIS, school gardens, weather stations, and the Camp Passport question and answer folios earn every student color incentive passport stamps for each area of the project completed.

Unique to the Channel Islands track are studies of:

  • A First People - their lifeways and mainland/island connections

  • A Geography /Geology - how the different Islands were formed

  • A Oceanography and Marine Science - rare tropical and Alaskan currents combine

  • A First Explorers - Sir Francis Drake and Cabrillo at first contact

  • A First-Ever on the Internet Historical Sources and Important Literature - who was the Lone Woman of San Nicolas who inspired the 'Blue Dolphin story ? How does Zorro survive pirates? Plus full text excerpts from Two Years Before the Mast, Ramona, and Treasure Island create reading challenges for all grades.

  • A Pirates, Shipwrecks and, Smugglers - colorful maritime history

  • A Missions and Ranchos - the Spanish and Mexican eras

  • A Artists, Film Making, and Photographers - inspired by the Channel Islands

  • A Island Histories - the families who farmed, ranched and fought for control

  • A Channel Protectors - the National Marine Sanctuary and Park at work

  • A Native Plants and Animals - including the mysterious wooly mammoths

  • A GIS/GPS - all classrooms receive a GPS unit and begin gathering data to contribute to Camp's online GIS mapping project.

Discover Amazing Science and History

Did you know that the OLDEST human remains that have yet been found in North America were discovered out on the Channel Islands? This 13,000 year old find is an unexpected recent discovery that is causing the scientific community to re-think Ice Age migration theories. Another fascinating discovery has been that the giant Imperial Wooly Mammoths of the mainland somehow swam out to the islands and over thousands of years dwarfed, becoming rare Pygmy Mammoths, living at the same time as the early native people on the islands. Another amazing fact about the Channel is that it sees the convergence of two very different ocean currents and its unique characteristics create a food source that draws thousands of whales and dolphins to the islands every year.

The Chumash who lived on the Islands traded with the mainland Chumash, and when Spanish and English explorers first discovered California, this region was their first landing place. Pirates, smugglers, and shipwrecks followed as the Gold Rush got under way, adding to the region's rich maritime history. Often called the North American Gallapagos, these islands offer very fascinating studies.

Explore the Channel Islands Online with Camp Internet and Uncover the Amazing Story of The Prehistoric Mammoths and the First People on the Islands, read the True Story
behind the Island of the Blue Dolphins, and discover the legendary Pirates and Shipwrecks - even a great Zorro story never before online as he faces pirates on the Channel waters.

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