Student Benefits

Teachers and afterschool program leaders find that Camp Internet offers four primary direct benefits for their students:

  • FACE CHALLENGES   Students will face intellectually stimulating challenges thanks to the innovative content and delivery methods unique to Camp Internet – this is a dynamic learning environment challenging students to read, research, think, consider, and communicate effectively.

  • BEHAVE RESPONSIBILITY   Students will be required to use the Internet responsibly – not as a casual socializing setting, but as a communication environment that they are accountable for using as an academic enrichment tool – much like they will one day likely use it in the workplace.

  • CREATE OUTCOMES   Students will, with teacher guidance, have access to online and hands-on tools that give them a means to develop project-based learning outcomes – GPS mapping projects, science experiments, reading assignments and essays, local history studies, art projects, garden harvests and more.

  • BECOME VALUED CONTRIBUTORS   Students will have a special opportunity to not only gather information and develop knowledge using online resources, they will be given an opportunity to actually PUBLISH their own work online. They will not just be passive ‘readers’ of online resources – they will be empowered to become valued CONTRIBUTORS to the online Camp Internet community. Thanks to the Camp Internet community programs, students can then share their accomplishments online with classmates, fellow Camp community members – and even their families if the school can host a Family Night.

Students are very motivated to explore new communications technologies – but are they being given an opportunity to use the technologies in a way that prepares them for the responsibilities they will face as they eventually seek employment or learn to be productive in the workplace? As the four primary benefits of Camp Internet show, it is very important to move technology beyond the limits of being an entertainment vehicle to actually using it productively as a learning environment. Students need to learn to behave responsibly online – to learn that they are representing themselves to the world when they communicate online – and to realize there are direct consequences based on the quality of their communication. They cannot learn this using a CD or using a video game. They CAN learn it using Camp Internet. And as a result of participation, student test scores have been shown to rise thanks to their academically enriching experiences with Camp Internet.

How to Learn More

If you would like to see the Student’s learning experience with Camp Internet first-hand, we invite you to Email us to sign up for a Live Tour session. You will be able to see the actual learning and activity areas our students use, examine different delivery techniques, and explore the inter-related multi-subject content offered by Camp Internet.

News on these events is also available online on our Live Tour Page. Once you are ready to consider enrolling, you can Request a Proposal that details costs to participate and services / products you will receive. The actual enrollment Applications are available online for individual teachers or school / district / afterschool center / library groups.

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