Camp Internet Homeschool Program

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Camp Internet's Homeschool Program offers your entire family an opportunity to explore homeschooling resources that are unique, compelling, content-rich, and rewarding. Ideal for grades 4-12, the program offers a resource library of great language arts, social studies, history, and earth science original learning materials.

Students join us online for self-paced studies, online activities, related hands-on activities in their home, backyard or local community, and follow assignments selected by their parents that are customizable to meet any student's learning needs and abilities. From Storybooks for young readers to in-depth library resources for older students, there is something enriching for all ages in Camp Internet's year-round programs.

Camp Internet is the winner of a Smithsonian Innovation Award, and serves public, private and homeschools worldwide. Developed by homeschooling parents, Camp Internet represents a step forwards in life long learning opportunties by using innovative technologies - your computer, digital cameras, GPS units, and video cameras - in fact a digital camera is included in every Homeschool Tool Kit for the $295 annual enrollment fee!

Standards-based & Innovative

The program provides both standards-based resources and activities not available in any text books - plus innovative, never-before-on-the-Internet original source materials. Examples are: the REAL story-behind- the story of the Island of the Blue Dolphins book and film, a first-ever-online original Zorro story and the real story behind this legendary hero, the amazing facts about giant mammoths who swam out to our Pacific Islands and over thousands of years became pygmy mammoths smaller than a pony, or the discovery of the oldest human being yet found in North America.

Wonders abound in Camp Internet and all program themes offer a way to weave together reading, writing, research, communication, science experiemnts and art activities for well-rounded, multi-disciplinary learning. The in-depth library of resources is available around the clock, every day of the week, and special LIVE, interactive events let your homeschooler learn with expert scientists, historians, artists, educators, and writers. Our students are NOT passive learners - we encoruage them to read, research, write and communicate in interactive environments every week. This builds responsible Internet skills, strengthens their academics, and prepares them for the role of technology in their future.

Family Nights

Family Nights are looked forwards to as a special feature of Camp Internet and take place on selected Thursday evenings toget the whole family involved in a fun online research and communication project - from Ancient Rock Art to your own family history, from famous women writers and artists to facinating Astronomy - all ages are welcome!! And grandparents and relatives can join in on the Family Nights from anywhere in the world - a great family strengthening activity

The Whole Family Can Participate

Each family that enrolls in Camp Internet can have all of their children ( and parents - even grandparents in remote cities) participate at a level and pace that fits your homeschooling style and needs. Parents can select reading materials, assignments, set due dates, and either grade the assignments themselves, use the auto-graded quizzes, or bring the student work to a resource teacher in a local homeschool center. A special parent-only section is provided to help parents find great reward in the teaching experience.

Come discover the empowering new way to learn online by joining the innovative, supportive, and creative Camp Internet distance learning program. Celebrating the building of a new generation of motivated and accomplished learners!

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